Every story begins with a dream. Call it what you like, it’s that inner voice, almost like a chimera, that tells you when there is going to be a before and an after.

Piccolo Hippo is a clear example of the way life goes, and of how emotions and illusions can be converted into tangible dreams. How to be collectors of moments and not of things.

And then we saw that it was time to evolve. Time to be a brand for empowered women, for mothers who define themselves beyond motherhood. Women in this society who are breaking mindsets stuck in the past.

Brands with their own character are those which rise like the Phoenix from the ashes. They possess a resilience which makes them stronger, more resistant, with an unshakable essence ... and an unmatched character. 

After a loving adjustment to all the elements that came before, Chiara Barcelona was born. We are a brand that aims to be part of the lifestyle of women who don’t need to be told anything twice. A brand that aims to separate the future from the past, from the chimera to the dream made real. That part of yourself you have never dared to show... until now. 

A lifestyle you need not explain to anyone but yourself. Living your life your way, no matter what others may say. Without hesitation. Classy, ​​with a unique style of absolute elegance. 

Chiara Barcelona was born for the strong adult woman who knows what she wants, but who knows even more clearly what she doesn't want. All with an innate elegance that leads her along the path of life. 

Chiara Barcelona is made for women without labels, without prejudices. Women who do not mind standing out because they have learned not to give importance to what others say. 

Our bags are the perfect complement for confident women. They define a lifestyle, not just a fashion. They fit into the busy day-to-day of independent working mothers and of all other women who want to take on the world and enjoy a bag with its own character. 

Creating your own style has never been easier with Chiara Barcelona. You set the style, and our bag is the perfect complement, the subliminal piece that makes you stand out and get noticed. After all, you, the woman, are the key to everything. Your character and your essence, not the dictates of society, are what set the pace.

Think of how it feels to be free. That is the sensation that Chiara Barcelona women experience. The freedom to be themselves. The freedom not to think about stereotypes. The freedom to feel free. 

Free will by personal choice. To go from acting on a whim to deciding not to decide, with no guilt. There is nothing to feel bad about while carrying Chiara Barcelona.  

And if you have not yet understood what this is about, keep reading. 

Chiara Barcelona is about lifestyle. About how you want to feel, in that pure state that identifies you as yourself. Not wasting a second on what others say, but investing  infinite time in yourself. 

It’s about more than loving yourself a lot. It’s about loving yourself well. A healthy sense of self-worth understood as self-esteem and not as pride. 

Still don’t understand? Then follow us and discover what freedom smells like. Yes, to Chiara Barcelona. You’ll find that it smells like you, your essence, and the style you set, whether inside a physical structure or in and among intangible emotions. 

Chiara Barcelona is the woman of today, the woman who has learned from her past and is now focused on the future. Her future. Your future. 

If you ask me, I will say that I would like to be a wonderful mother, with that inner beauty that shines on through to the outside.  That woman who is still passionate about her work despite the cards that life deals her.  A woman who loves what she does, and who does what she loves.

 To be honest, our world is still not ready for this type of woman, but when it meets Chiara Barcelona face-to-face, it will understand that life is made for her, the woman of today, the woman who is changing the world. 

Chiara Barcelona is all of us, the women who have decided to change our world, starting with ourselves. Our lives, our decisions, our values ​​... us.

Chiara BCN